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Everyone who loves badminton always looks for the best web pages that will help me learn deep about badminton. So here I have collected lots of web pages which give top quality content about badminton.  Badminton Learning Webpages in India Please check it out:

You can naturally lighten your hair, here is how.

Have you ever thought how great you would look if your hair colour was lighter? Or getting highlights? Well, you can definitely use bleaches and other solutions available but it is better that we don’t take the matter in our own hands if we are not trained.   I think about it all the time but for someone who has commitment issues such as myself, I just can not hit a salon and ask the hairstylist to bleach my hair and also good salons that promise not to damage your hair are so expensive so I thought what if I try something natural and cheap, I mean it ticks all the boxes, right? Here are some natural ways to lighten your hair that you can try. 1.        Lemon juice You must have seen a lot of people try this hack. But you have to be cautious while using lemon juice to lighten your strands because of the really acidic nature of lemon. Just mix two tablespoon lemon juice and half cup distilled water and spray it on your hair and dry it in sun. if you want more dramatic effects then

Things you shouldn’t do if you have acne

Almost 80 per cent of people from the age of 11 to 30 suffer from acne, so if you have acne too you are not alone. I know it can be stubborn and frustrating and it can seriously affect how you feel about yourself. But there are so many things you could do to keep it at bay but there are things that you shouldn’t do and some of those things are. Sanitize the screen of your phone If you don’t use earphones or headphones while talking on the phone then you should use them because your phone screen has God knows how much bacteria that gets transferred to your face and you don’t want that if you want to  keep your acne under control or sanitize your phone screen every now and then 2.        Change your pillowcase Can you remember when was the last time you changed your bed sheets and pillowcase? No? Then you probably should change them right now. If you don’t have the habit of changing them then they are a possible reason for your breakouts because they have bacteria that can trigge

How to properly clean makeup products

These are trying times and it is important that we keep everything sanitized and clean from our bodies to our clothes and everything we frequently check and use so it is also important that we sanitize our makeup products not only because of the ongoing pandemic around the world but also because using dirty makeup products on your skin can make your skin break up and let’s not talk about the potential infections that could happen on your skin, so here is a brief overview on how you can keep your makeup products sanitized and clean. The only rule makeup brushes and applicators are that never Share your makeup brushes and sponges with anyone since they make direct contact with your skin they can easily jump irritants on your skin and cause infections. There are numerous brush cleansers available in the market that do an excellent job at cleaning your brushes and if you don’t want to spend on your these products then you can easily clean your brushes and sponges with mild soap solution

The Beauty World

Winged eyeliner is a total classic in the beauty world, but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest makeup look to apply. If you’re new to attempting to master the perfect flick, you’ve no doubt dealt with uneven wings and patchy lines. Wondering exactly how to do winged eyeliner and what type of eyeliner is best for wings? Before we get into the tutorial, let’s talk about what to use to create your wing. Just as some eyeliners are better for creating bold lines or smudged outlooks, certain options work better than others for making a fierce flick. When it comes to winged eyeliner, liquid or gel liners are generally a safe bet. Perfecting your cat-eye requires a liner that glides onto your skin for a super-smooth application, something these two formula types can deliver. Priming your eyelids can not only help make a major difference in how your eye shadow looks and how long it lasts, but it can also be a game-changer when it comes to eyeliner. To help ensure your eyeliner goes on as smooth

Natural Beauty

Our society has made us believe that women should have certain beauty standards. Their beauty and self-worth are ofter decided by others rather than themselves. Often they feel inferior and embarrassing if they are not slim, fair, or don't have smooth skin. Everybody type and shape is different and has its own attraction, but the fear of being judged by society and people make them go for weird diet plans too expensive beauty treatments.  The use of beauty products can enhance one's appearance but over-dependency on these products can be unhealthy and dangerous. Beauty should not be measured from outside appearance. Being fit and healthy is the real beauty. Just by eating the right nutrition, doing exercises one can achieve balance in life. If you are fit and healthy you automatically won't be fat and bulky, you also will have clean and smooth skin if you are healthy. So rather than using unhealthy chemical beauty products we should work to attain natural beauty. A natural

Makeup and beauty in India

when you think about also know about what trend is on trending. your makeup depends on-trend and what you wear. a little makeup enhances your beauty and makes you more attractive and confident.some people are giving attention...first for doing makeup u have to know how your skin tone is and what kind of makeup suits u and what kind of makeup u want. Types of Makeup there are many types of make, like, traditional makeup, bridal makeup, casual makeup, light makeup, Beauty in India Beauty is all about you, how to perceive yourself, and not about how others perceive you. beauty and makeup play the most important role in how you see yourself. makeup can help you enhance you're even more and make you more beautiful and do you would agree that getting some compliments never hurt, there is a various product in the market that can help you get what you want. but the most important thing is to understand yourself, what you want, and what your skin wants. if you have oily skin you